5 Impressive Makeup Tips for Men from Benny Hancock

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Men’s grooming has always been a topic of scrutiny. Guys who needed to cover their zits or puffy eyes wanted to try makeup for years but were sceptical - after all, they say makeup is for women...or at least it was.

Things have changed dramatically in the last few decades. Now, makeup for men has become a mainstream thing, everyone is using it from Piers Morgan on This Morning Today to Tom Cruise in the upcoming Top Gun Movie . The meaning of masculinity has changed, and people are accepting that there is nothing less-manly in wearing makeup - it’s just an option to fine-tune one’s appearance and boost one’s confidence. In fact, the cosmetic industry has launched zillions of products to empower modern men to achieve a flawless and more presentable look. But how to use these awesome, well-packaged men’s grooming products?

Well, if you are a newbie in the men’s makeup arena, read this blog and know how to use makeup!

Makeup for Men - How to Get Started

There’s a huge difference in makeup for women and men.

Makeup for women is all about blushing, eye shadows, lipsticks, and more, that complement their attire. On the flip side, men’s makeup is about covering the puffiness, dark circles, and smoothing out the skin for creating a more polished appearance.

For makeup for men newcomers, here are five impressive tips by Benny Hancock- a widely-acclaimed makeup artist who has transformed the look of many men from drab to fab. Take a note-

  1. Prep up under the eyes. Under eyes are one of the most important areas to address while beginning with the makeup. Your eyes are one of the sensual parts of the face (windows to your soul and all that good stuff) that do all the talking. Baggy eyes never look good as they make you look tired and aged, and thus they spoil the entire look. You can use ice packs to de-puff the eyes or different eye gels available in the market to freshen up your eyes a little. 

Moreover, if you have dark circles under your eyes, you can use concealers before the makeup to cover up the dark circles. This way, your eyes will appear fresh and young.

  1. Moisturise your face and neck. Moisturising is a must before you begin your make to rejuvenate your dull skin. Moisturising regulates the blood flow around your face and neck, which makes your face glow instantly. Your makeup looks more even-toned, and your skin looks all smooth if you apply moisturiser all around your face and neck. So, do moisturise before beginning your makeup.


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  1. Go for light coverage.When it comes to makeup for men, the irony is that they have to look all-natural and glowing, unlike their female counterparts, even if they are on the red carpet. So, men are recommended to go for the light coverage foundations to cover up the oily patches and slay the shiny look like a pro.
  2. Use eyeliner and brow definer. If you want your eyes to pop up a little and hold that intense look, you recommend drawing a dotted line. This will make your entire makeup look natural and nothing extravagant. You should always use a brow definer to give your eyebrows a more tamed and clean look.



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  1. Lip balm, your life saviour. Many men go bare lips, which doesn’t look right, especially when the lips are chipped and skin reneging. It is best to use a lip balm to moisturise your lips and keep it soft and supple.

Pro tip- Don’t forget to trim facial hair. We know men are obsessed with a beard, but small unkempt hair around your nose and ears is a big no-no! Even if you wear good makeup but don’t trim your facial hair, it will be a big turn off. 

So, these are some of the cool tips from Benny Hancock. You can check out some of the great male makeup products at our online store.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned with us for more makeup for men updates!