Be Your Own Shade Expert with Benny Hancock's Virtual Try-On Mirror


Technology evolves with changing online shopping trends and customer behavior, and the new future of the cosmetics industry is trying on your makeup virtually!

Not sure what we are talking about? Get ready with pop up revolution 2.0, the “magic mirror.”

People are often skeptical to buy new makeup products - they want to invest in products that look good on them and enhance their natural appearance.  They feel like trying out the products before making a purchase, which is (now was!) impossible while shopping makeup online.

However, the time has changed - and technology has offered bright ways to try makeup even while buying from an online store.

Benny Hancock Launches Virtual Try-On Mirror

Today, virtual reality has largely replaced makeup testers.

Many brands have launched augmented reality try-on mirrors for women - ladies can choose shades that fit the best for their skin to make an informed purchase of makeup supplies. However, the men’s makeup section was left unaddressed. Many forward-thinking men obsessed with the idea of virtual makeup try-on were waiting for this big change, and now the shift is here.

Benny Hancock, a globally-acclaimed makeup artist and influencer, has his own line of male makeup products. His products are synonymous with practicality and high-quality formulae, much needed for today’s fast-paced life.

The brand “Benny Hancock” took notice of consumer needs and has launched a virtual mirror for men. Benny’s virtual try-on mirror is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) and can be men’s ideal companion to be their own shade expert. This distinct technology allows you to experiment with shades and colors with a few clicks from the comfort of your home.



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The try-on mirror maps your face allowing you to virtually ‘try on’ your chosen color ensuring the correct match for your skin. Thus, it brings to life a unique sense of color and artistry. It provides an unmatched level of realism and perfection. It is a game-changing addition that is capable of detecting your face and covering the aspect of virtual makeup.

Benny Hancock’s try-on mirror is exclusively available with the Bronzer, Moisturising Face Perfecter, Corrective Pen, and Brow Definer.

How Does it Work?

Makeup try-on mirror by Benny Hancock is a revolutionary technology. It is made of the physical device and makeup try-on software that takes men’s grooming to another level. It gives you a realistic visualization of how a particular shade looks on your face using the camera of your smartphone or computer.

Let’s take a closer look at how this next-gen magic mirror works:

  • Realistic visualization of your makeup

When it comes to the usage of the virtual mirror, the results should be similar to what you expect in reality. The magic mirror does just that. It reflects the real shade and texture of how a product will look.

  • Real-time try-on through a camera

The augmented reality technology comes with a robust face tracking optimized for mobile. You can enjoy the real-time experience, and see yourself using a mobile camera.



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  • Your makeup tester and advisor

The virtual try-on mirror can very well analyze your facial features and characteristics. Based on that it suggests your makeup that suits people of your age, skin, or eye color. You may also find some preset makeup looks that go well with your personality and look.

  • Your assistant in need

It not only suggests makeup items but also tracks your skin health. It advises skincare regimens based on your skin health, thus, serving as your digital assistant. 

With virtual try-on mirrors, makeup testers have become a thing of the past. In the post-pandemic era, where everyone is trying everything online, you should try out the new virtual try-on mirror to test your makeup. 

Learn how to use the try-on mirror

How Virtual Mirror will Benefit You?

Try before you buy can never be a bad idea!

Benny’s virtual try-on mirror can be a man’s best friend in the coming time - it will help you choose products for the desired color-matching in no time. Explore how it can benefit you to choose the right makeup for men:

Let’s you try out makeup products in real-time

Virtual try-on mirrors let you try out various makeup products virtually. It gives you real-time analysis that gives you a fair idea of how a particular shade will look on you. Which type of makeup will suit you the best? Thus, it helps you make the right decision before you finally make a purchase.

Test it yourself

Earlier you relied on makeup testers available in the stores to try out certain shades and colors, but now you can try it yourself. Virtual try-on mirrors allow rather hygienic testing and keep you safe when the pandemic is going on.

Camera recording

Makeup mirrors are also equipped with camera recordings that you can save on your device. You can, later on, use it for reference when you need it. Also, you can share the same with your friends and guides to take further consultation on whether the makeup look suits you or not.

Interactive control

The touch screen enables interactive control where you can swipe to browse and tap to choose products. Some also use hand tracking and gesture recognition that allows the users to control the screen without even touching it.

Your style assistant

The virtual try-on mirror is going to be your best style guide when choosing specific shades and textures for makeup. It will recommend the perfect outlook for you from the preset looks or the most suitable ones according to your choices.


As it analyzes facial characteristics using facial recognition, it can suggest not only the makeup looks but also the condition of your skin. Based on the current condition, it will recommend the best fit for your skin.

How-to guides

The magic mirror guides the users on how to apply makeup products. It is a great addition that will be beneficial for those who don't know how to do makeup.

If you are digitally native and tech-savvy do try out this virtual try-on mirror. It will give an indistinguishable real-life experience that allows you to experiment with your makeup from your home. So, try-on, wink, smile, and share it with us.

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