Exclusive to Benny Hancock for Men, the Virtual Mirror is a guy’s best friend when choosing the perfect shade. Test and try products for the best colour-match using the camera on your Smartphone or computer. The Virtual Mirror is the ultimate in discretion, allowing you to experiment with shades and colours, all from the comfort of your own home. The technology uses augmented reality technology to intuitively map your face allowing you to virtually ‘try on’ your chosen colour ensuring the best match for you.


Our new Virtual Try-On Mirror in these three easy steps:


STEP 1: Choose your product and click The Virtual Try-On Mirror button on the product page.


STEP 2: Enable your live camera from your device.


STEP 3: See how you look with the product on and select the perfect colour for you. 



Split-screen capabilities allow you to see what a product looks like on only half of your face, so you can get a better idea of the difference it makes to your look.

Lighting is equally important when using the Virtual Try-On Mirror. If you're in dramatically dark or overly bright light, you may notice that colours do not appear as intended. Find good lighting and the products will display more accurately.

Available with the Moisturising Face Perfecter; Corrective Pen; Bronzer and Brow Definer.