Makeup for Men - Why Forward-Thinking Guys Love the Idea of Wearing Makeup

Makeup for Men - Why Forward-Thinking Guys Love the Idea of Wearing Makeup


Men’s grooming is the newest trend in the beauty industry, and it has gone insanely popular from the past few years. 

The industry has gone from an innovative approach to a hyper-personalization approach that targets men who grew in less rigid gender boundaries and are forward-thinking.

Ever since women have asked them to spruce up, men have gone ga-ga over toners, face primers, concealers, and foundations to groom themselves. Looking at the latest obsession of these forward-thinking men with makeup, the men's personal care market is expected to hit $166 billion in 2022

Moreover, sales for male-targeted skincare products have been on the rise by 7% in the past few years

“It seems that mass players are trying to expand their market and gain share in a slowing market by growing their user base,” said Alison Gaither, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel.

It is apparent from the recent trends that men are to bend the gender norms in the coming years as they are looking for beauty products to groom themselves. Makeup for men is a factor of modern-day masculinity that plays down the flaws and lets men stand apart from the crowd. There are a thousand reasons men have started loving makeup, and some are listed below:

A way to self-express

You may also find celebs and professional hunks like Jared Leto, Daniel Kaluuya, and Zac Efron sporting the “guyliner” on the red carpet. It seems like a self-empowerment for millions of guys out there where they can just show the mirror to society with a swipe of a lip balm and defined eyebrows. They feel that makeup is another great opportunity for them to prove their worth and break free from the confines of the stereotypical ideology of what men should look like.

They address and act on the issues

Another reason men have started investing in makeup products is that they have realised the importance of “me time.” When they are indulged in makeup routines, the scent of cosmetics, creaminess of lotions, and light music in the background build a pavlovian calm and charm. Also, they address common issues like ageing, burns, and dry skin, which they address and act upon to protect themselves. 

It makes them feel competent

Men wearing makeup is not a battle about society’s expectations and compelling men to wear makeup. However, the idea is to feel comfortable even if they are wearing makeup. It leaves a significant impact on their personal identity and makes them appear more competent as they are self-assured that they are at their best.

Boost confidence and help connect with others

Some may think that men wearing makeup may draw a line between the ones who do and the ones who don’t. Actually, it's the opposite as men feel more in control and confident because it allows them to present a perfect version of themselves. 

Also, men use beauty products as a connector where two men talking about a similar subject with an equal level of confidence brings humility. It kinds of creates a cosmetic camaraderie among men, and they feel more sociable and likeable.

You will now certainly realise that the things that defined masculinity in the past were just ridiculous. Believe us guys wearing makeup has nothing to do with one’s anatomy. So, it’s okay to wear makeup and feel for yourself. 

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