First 30 Days Free Trial Subscription Offer Policy

Customers are allowed to only sign up once for the promotional offer: First 30 Days Free Subscription offer across all products and products sets involved. Abusers of the initial Promotional offer policy will have their subsequent trials cancelled and billed in full value the following day. Multiple accounts can be deemed as a singular customer by evaluating the name, billing address, and card number. Please contact to request multiple trials for other individuals. Please note when signing up for the First 30 Days Free Subscription offer you are entering into a contract and agreeing to a 60 Day minimum Subscription agreement. You are entering into a contract for your initial first 30 Days set to be for free which authorises your first 30 days free product set where you only pay initially for shipping to be sent and a subsequent automatic recharge will be charged and taken 30 days later for the full set price of £35.20 plus shipping costs. If you choose to cancel after this period then please contact after 30 Days from the time of your initial Sign up date. 

Subscription Order Returns

All subscription sales are final. Please contact for the replacement of an order that was damaged in transit.

Subscription Order Cancellations:

All subscription sales not including the free trial subscription are final you are entering into a contract to receive orders for a minimum of 3 orders which includes your initial purchase within the time you have specified .

Please contact if you want to cancel your subscription service after the initial sign in period has been completed.