Men's Makeup Guide - How to Choose Concealer for Men


They say, makeup is a girl’s best friend. But lately, men have also started to befriend makeup to look confident and presentable. They choose several makeup supplies like foundation and bronzer to highlight their sharp masculine features and hide marks/blemishes that can hurt their polished appearance.

Among many others, concealers are a must-have product in the vanity case of a well-groomed man. This small yet powerful makeup product is responsible for the fresh and flawless face of top actors, models, and art performers on the red carpet.

It is not wrong to take a concealer as camouflage than a makeup product. It is wizardry to hide annoying baggy eyes, redness and patches, dark spots, and other skin marks. And when done right, no one even can notice. But the big question is, how to find the right concealer? Well, worry no more - we are here to help.

How to Choose a Concealer for Men?

Concealer type

There are only a few good types of concealers that are worth your attention: cream concealers, liquid concealers, and stick concealers.

Liquids and creams have different opacity and have much bendable tendency than their stick counterparts. If you want to hide your dark circles or small spots, these two are the types of concealer you must go for. While being the heaviest, stick concealers often give full coverage, and are ideal for darker blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Skin type

It is really important to consider your skin type while choosing a concealer.

For oily skin, men must use a matte concealer, as it can absorb excess oil without making your face look too shinier. For dry skin, a hydrating concealer that prevents the flaking and visible dryness of the skin.


To hide facial flaws and spots, you should possibly opt for a concealer color that is close to your original skin tone, otherwise, you’ll end up drawing attention to those areas.

A thumb rule from makeup for men guide- if you want to apply concealer on areas such as under-eye dark circles or hyperpigmentation, always choose a concealer that is two shades lighter than the original skin tone.


You don’t need to make the use of concealer way too complicated. In fact, keep it simple to get a more confident-handsome mug. Green, purple, or pink hue concealers are based on color theory to get discoloration – use opposites on the color wheel as it will cancel each other out. It may seem odd while going on, but it blends to perfect.

If you have:

Red skin: Apply green corrector

Yellow skin: Apply lavender corrector

Under-Eye Bags: Apply salmon corrector

How Do You Apply Concealer for Men?

From our knowledge, avoid using brushes, sponges, and any other makeup tools. The use of these tools is shown by the makeup industry for just marketing propaganda.

Fingers are best to apply concealer. As the fingers have heat and natural oil, they are perfect to melt products and deliver a flawless finish. To apply concealer, dip the tips of your fingers on to the concealer, and then press it into the skin. Now dab using the index finger to blot and blend.

Alternatively, you can choose to buy a concealer corrective pen for a smooth and perfect application. That’s the easiest and no-nonsense way of using a concealer effectively.

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