Benny Hancock® SKIN


  • Day + night time acne treatment
  • Contains Hydrocolloid, Calendula + Tea Tree Oil
  • Spot Treatment - small + medium combined patches
  • Either 36 or 72 pack waterproof Anti-acne dots

    Say goodbye to the traditional hassle of pimple treatment and hello to a revolutionary approach with our Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patches. our innovative spot patches are your stealthy solution to troublesome acne, working diligently to absorb impurities and protect your skin. enriched with the therapeutic essences of Calendula and Tea Tree oils. These ingredients are celebrated for naturally calming skin and accelerating the healing process, especially in the treatment of acne.

    Crafted from a fluid-absorbing hydrocolloid gel, our simple acne patches are effective and gentle enough for all skin types. They're your round-the-clock defenders, waterproof to endure any part of your daily routine and strong enough to stay in place comfortably overnight. The clear design ensures that they blend seamlessly with your skin, making them virtually invisible whether you're at home or on the go.

    Our patches come in two practical sizes within each box—either 36 or 72 patches—on conveniently perforated sheets for easy application. They are perfect for spot treatment, targeting each pimple with precision and care. Plus, their effectiveness kicks in within just 6-7 hours, which means you can wake up to clearer skin after just one night or see improvement throughout a single day.

    Integrate these patches into your skincare regimen, and embrace the confidence that comes with clear, cared-for skin. Whether it's during the day or as part of your night-time routine, our Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patches are your allies in the fight against acne.




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