Benny Hancock Makeup Artist

The finishing touch to men's grooming is here! Benny Hancock is a global industry pro make-up artist who has spent over a decade painting the faces of celebrities, supermodels and VIPs. Benny is a leading authority on high performance make-up and having spent years working closely with men’s skin, he appreciates how men’s skin differs to women’s and the look men want to achieve. His work has been praised by fashion and grooming insiders and featured in some of the world’s leading style publications.

Founded on the belief that make-up for men should enhance rather than conceal, Benny has developed high-tech, wearable formulations using superior ingredients to achieve the most natural finish. The result? Lightweight yet hard-wearing products with invisible yet enhancing coverage; Taking men's grooming to the next level.


I believe makeup can be such a powerful tool as it can change our mood and lift our confidence. It’s no secret that guys have worn makeup for as long as I can remember; even in the popular action movies they are wearing a little foundation and concealer to freshen up their appearance.

I have designed a collection of grooming products that firstly, I would want to (and do!) wear myself and secondly, that I believe guys are actively seeking out. The products are super lightweight with an invisible feel because I want men to be able to enhance their appearance, boost their confidence and not feel conscious that they are wearing make-up. I believe when you invest in yourself and look and feel your best, you can conquer anything thrown your way.’