Makeup Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Makeup for men is a hot topic in recent decades. Whether it’s defining your dense brows or contouring your masculine face, men are strategically using makeup to highlight their best features and come across more confident and presentable.

Now, being an experienced makeup artist myself, I know a lot of men do silly makeup mistakes that can get all their cards wrong. Everybody knows what to do, but a few pay attention to no-no’s and end up messing up their otherwise refined appearance.

If you are a makeup naive and want not to do rookie makeup mistakes, stick with this read. I’ve curated some common makeup mistakes that men should avoid to fine-tune their appearance and achieve a sharp and bright look. Let’s get started.

Failing to prep is losing the game

Prepping your skin is the first step to flawless makeup. If your skin is not ready, it may result in flaky foundation and smudge after some time. You can use any lotion or skin cream as a primer to prep your face. These primers don’t let the tiny pigments of makeup settle in those fine lines and wrinkles.


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Pro Tip- We will recommend you to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturise your skin before starting with makeup. Prepping up with the right primer for your skin type will create a smooth canvas for your makeup.

Overdoing the brows

Who doesn’t love dense and dramatic brows? Everybody does, but the problem starts when you fill in the sparse areas of your brows with wrong shade. Moreover, when your beard colour and your brow colour don’t match, it looks weird.

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Pro Tip- Make sure that your beard and brow colour should match. Also, take a notch lighter shade while filling your brow and beard to give it an all-natural look.

A new shade of mismatch with concealers

Concealers are considered as an essential men’s grooming item. If you are using the same concealer to hide your pimples, eye bags, and blemishes, then you are doing a blunder. These areas have naturally different shades like your eye area may be darker than the rest of your face.

Pro Tip- While buying concealers for men, make sure you know what you are trying to achieve. We will recommend you to buy different concealers for different areas. 

Dry and flaky feathering lips

Lips balms are the key to smooth and plump pout. If you have dry lips then it will mess with the perfectly laid lip shades. It is a game over! You would realise after some time that you have already made a mistake.



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Pro Tip- If you have dry flaky lips, try a lip scrub before you put on the makeup. You can prepare a lip scrub with some sugar, honey, and lemon. Rub it onto your lips to get rid of the uneven texture. Top it off with a lip balm to hydrate your lips further. There you are with a smooth canvas to work on!

You need more than a flick of “Manscara”

Men often forget to curl their lashes before applying mascara which makes their eyes appear flat and lifeless. Well, you need some more to achieve those younger-looking eyes. However, we aren’t telling you to cake it up, but make a little preparation before you start with your mascara.

Pro Tip- We will recommend you to use lash curlers on your eyelashes. If lash curlers seem intimidating to you, then you can use a mini lash curler that fits your pocket. Curl your lashes before applying the mascara, you will have those youthful eyes.

Lining your entire brow

Men tend to draw heavy lines on the entire brow while filling the sparse areas and give it shape. Well, it is wrong as it may get harder for you to soften and blend it. This way you may end up with unusual looking eyebrows that don’t even match the colour of your hair and beard.

Pro Tip- “Less is more.” You might have heard this earlier, but this is true in this specific context. Start with gently blending the same colour as that of your beard and hair or a shade lighter than that. We will recommend you to blend it with a brush or fingers; instead of, drawing a harsh stroke around the eyebrows. The softer strokes will create an illusion of fuller-looking eyebrows.

Ignoring the neck area

Everybody does makeup to enhance the facial features, but they often ignore the neck area. You shouldn’t forget that the neck is the second most exposed area after your face. If you completely focus on your face, then the area under your chin will look detached and different. Moreover, it can also make you look older than your age, which is not at all appealing.

Pro Tip- Don’t forget to apply makeup on your neck area. If you have visible veins and fine lines in that area, it can make you look older. Apply the similar shade of foundation on your neck area gently with a brush or your fingers.

Forgetting to blend, blend, and blend!

Men may feel that looking handsome may take time, but it’s not that difficult. They often make a common mistake that they don’t blend their foundation enough. This makes their face look aged and cakey which is not at all appealing.

Pro Tip- When you apply foundation, concealer, or loose powder make sure you blend it well. We are not telling you to apply layers of foundation or concealer to hide your ageing skin. Blend everything well! It will help to conceal all the fine lines and wrinkles and give you a smooth finish with a youthful look.

These were some of the mistakes you shouldn’t be doing while applying makeup. So, from the next time you do makeup, make sure you are not messing up. Refer to this list, if you feel confused anywhere.

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