Men's Grooming - Here's How to Care and Maintain Your Beard

Men's Grooming - Here's How to Care and Maintain Your Beard

Personal grooming never goes out of style.

A well-groomed beard will make you look suave while enhancing your overall personality. It can make you look smart and confident, effortlessly.

You can visit a salon to get a one-of-a-kind beard grooming experience or choose to do a beard DIY using men's grooming & makeup products. Both are feasible options to style your facial hair and appear well-groomed.

If you wish to maintain your existing scruff at home, you would need a beard definer along with other men's grooming products to keep your beard in shape. Learn the best beard grooming tips from the experts at Benny Hancock!

Keep the Beard Clean and Soft

A dry, rough, and dirty beard is a huge turn-off. Furthermore, it is even worse to trim and it can itch like crazy. So, keep it neat and clean. When you go to buy men's make up online, you will probably find some shampoos specifically curated for the beard. Don't overlook such products by thinking you can wash it with your regular shampoo. Instead, give it a try because it is made for a purpose. It will leave your beard ready for conditioning as well as improve hair structure.

Brush it Well

After a thorough washing and drying, take a brush and run it against the grain. Your hair will stand up which makes it easy to trim. Also, it will show you the proper length you need to trim.

Trim Your Beard Neatly

Do not just start at random. Use clippers to trim to your choice of length. If you wish to keep it simple, even length will work just fine. If you wish to give it a shape and grow a little longer, you need to work a little hard for it.

The classic beard shape leaves hair a little longer around the chin and shorter around the sides of your face. For instance, it is number 3 at the temples, and 5 at the goatee area. Secondly, the moustache is always short about the hair on your cheeks and temples.

Let's Do the Mustache Talk

After trimming down to clipper length, trim your moustache widthwise across your face. Make sure you protect your nostrils. Also, you will need to clear your hair on your upper lips. You can get a pair of beard or moustache scissors at any makeup for men store. Lastly, it's up to your taste about what kind you want.

Trim Your Neckline

Now, you need to trim your neckline (probably the hardest part). In order to make your beard look refined, you need to trim your neckline to enhance the look. The best is to trim everything below your Adam's apple. The endpoint can depend on your taste. Although, Adam's apple is adequate for the beard.

Use Beard Definer


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So far you are good to go but you need to give that little extra touch with a beard definer. The definer comes with a brush that helps you in accentuating your hair length. Just dab the brush across the length of your beard and see the magic.

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