Bronzer for Men - Everything You Need to Know!

Do you love buying and using makeup for men? If yes, let’s tell you about an essential that you should apply for sure - bronzer!  

Pressed-Cream Bronzer for men is one of the easiest cosmetics to add a bit of warmth to your face. It is the best way to darken the areas of your skin without masking it. Now, you don’t need to burn yourself under the sun; instead, use bronzer. You will have more control over how much darker you want your face to be. It conceals your dark spots, blemishes, and gives an illusion of a more toned appearance.

How Do I Apply a Bronzer?

If you are all ready for the crazy, countered artistry, make sure you follow the below steps before applying the bronzer:

  • Clean your face and pat it dry.
  • Remove any accessories or Jewelry that you are wearing.
  • Wear a shower cap to protect your skin and scalp from stains.

After you are done with cleaning your face, apply the bronzer onto your skin in a rotating motion with a soft brush. Avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, eyelids, and around the lips. Consider the variations of your skin colour while applying it.


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When you are trying to achieve that sun-kissed look, notice where the sun usually hits your face. It hits some common points like cheekbones, nose chin and collarbones, and forehead. Apply the bronzer on these points to make your face look all-natural.

While applying the bronzer on the body parts don’t miss on the ankles, in between the toes, ankles, and knees; otherwise, your tan will look artificial. If you feel the need to apply it more, you can do so to make it darker. However, make sure that it still looks natural.

Which Type of Bronzer is Right for Me?

You will find numerous bronzers in the market which comes with a cream base or in the form of sprays. Your health is also considered while these products are engineered for your skin. Some sprays come with vitamins A, C, and E as well. These are healthy for your skin as they are rich in antioxidants.  Benny Hancock Pressed-cream Bronzer work with your skin and are not heavy on your skin like Powder Bronzers on the market.

Which Shade Should I Pick?

If you are confused about which shade of bronzer you should pick, consider your skin colour. You will have different shades for different skin types that include:


We will recommend you to go for a pink undertone, as your skin will probably turn pink under the sun.


Choose warm undertones such as terra-cotta or warm earth. It will suit you the best, giving you an all-natural look.


If your skin has darker deep shade pick browns with a warm orange or red undertones. It will complement the best to your skin.

Pro tip: You should ask the staff in the store or use a websites virtual try-on mirror; instead of picking it all by yourself. Whichever bronzer shades you pick to try it on your neck first. It will give you a complete idea of whether this will go with your skin tone or not.

This is all about bronzers for men! Stay tuned for more such posts on men’s grooming tips and cosmetics!