Foundation for Men - All The Why’s and How’s Explained.

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From ages and eras gone by, makeup is associated with charm and femininity. Not only George Clooney wears in the red carpet anymore...

However, in recent decades, the cosmetic industry has witnessed a major cultural shift. Today, several makeup brands are targeting males with a flexible background and promoting the healthy vibe of using men's grooming products. As a result, you will see numerous makeup products for men, all geared toward enhancing their masculine features and making them feel more confident.  That’s what we stand for at Benny Hancock

Out of all the makeup supplies available to men, the foundation for men is the best investment you can make to hide all imperfections and those little bumps and look fresh. Whether you want to look flawless or erase the signs of ageing, our foundation will do the job. Mostly available in the form of creamy-textured liquid, our foundation is used to cover all facial imperfections and improve natural complexion. Several men are using this makeup quintessential, and many want to get started. If you are in the latter category, learn the basics of using foundation for men.

How to Choose the Foundation Match?

Some men find it hard to figure out the best shade that matches their skin colour and type. However, the shade you choose depends on your skin tone. Make sure that your makeup looks natural and doesn’t look cakey. Stay close to your skin colour while choosing the best foundation match.

If you are fair-skinned, neutral tones will suit you best. If you have a pale and clear face, go for shades of yellow or sand. Moreover, shades with a red base will be great for dark-skinned people. If you are still confused, get in touch with us at Benny Hancock and we will give you some advice before you make any purchase.


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Pro Tips- When you choose foundations, it is important to identify what type of undertones you have. You can examine the inside of your wrist. You have a neutral undertone if your veins are blue. Men with neutral undertones can wear both cool and warm foundation shades. If your veins look purple, you have cool undertones. Foundation with a pink tint will go best with your skin colour. You have warm undertones if your veins colour is green. You can pick the golden tones.

Which Foundation Will Suit Your Skin Type?

When we talk about makeup for men, the foundation is one that enhances the glow and erases all the fine lines instantly. It smoothes out your skin and reduces the appearance of large pores. Many foundations come with a liquid formula; however, there are some translucent finishing powders as well. It gives your skin a matte finish. The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t overdo it. Here are different types of foundations that suit best on various skin types:

Dry skin

A foundation with a cream base and creamy texture will be best for the dry skin.

Normal skin

The powder with a fluid texture will be best for normal skin type.

Oily skin

We will recommend foam-based foundations for men with oily skin types.

How to Apply Foundation?

When you have got the bottle that looks like the right shade for you, the time has come to try it out.  (soooo exciting)

You will need a cotton pad, brush, or a makeup sponge. Use a generous amount of foundation. We will recommend you to start with the centre of your face and spread it towards your hairline for better distribution. If you have issues using brush or cotton pad, use your fingers to apply the foundation.

You can refer to the points mentioned above every time you buy a foundation for men. If you need some more advice on makeup for men, look no further than Benny Hancock, we will help you out. Stay tuned with us for more men’s grooming tips.