Makeup Essentials for Modern-Day Men

“You have groomed well” is a compliment that most men would desire. 

Men’s grooming has come far beyond than taking care of hair, skin, and body. Today, men’s obsession with makeup and beauty products has changed the game completely. The definition of beauty entails a mélange of qualities that presents the best version of the modern man. Our products do exactly that!

Makeup for men doesn’t have to be all glossy and noticeable like that of women’s. However, it should be used well to conceal their dark spots, uneven skin tone, cuts, and bruises. Are you ready to dip your toes (or your face) in some makeup? Then, let’s begin with the makeup essentials that should get you on your way:

The Foundation


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Whether you want to hide your acne, cuts, or bruises, the Benny Hancock foundation does the job brilliantly. We would recommend you to try out a liquid version if you are a beginner. You just need to mix it with a cream or apply it directly over your face. You will have complete control over the amount you are applying it on the face.

We will also recommend you to prep your face before you apply with a base layer of a primer. If you have facial hair then also you need not worry because it looks fine with facial hair as well. It moisturises your face and conceals all the visible fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lip Balm

Nobody likes chapped lips and it is a complete turn off for people around you. We recommend you apply a lip balm to make your lips look soft, plump, and fuller. If you are hesitant to apply anything on your lips then you can go for a matte finish. It protects your lips from getting chapped and doesn’t even feel like you have half a tub of Vaseline on your lips.

The Brow Definer


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Eyebrows are the focal point of a face after nose. You can try adding some thickness, shape, and definition to your eyebrows. You can use a brow definer to make your eyebrows look denser and all in shape. It will also help you to fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrow, conceal sideburns, and pesky grey hair. Believe us, it will surely help you achieve that well-groomed look.

The Pressed-Cream Bronzer


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Tall, dark, and handsome are some of the desirable features that women and men want in men. Who doesn’t want that sun-kissed, tanned look? Everybody does, right? We have got a quick fix for you that will do the trick. You can apply a quick bronzing gel or pressed cream bronzer to define and enliven your skin. Make sure that the bronzing gel blends naturally onto your skin. It will help you achieve a natural look as if you had been absorbing a few minutes of sun.

We will also recommend you to apply a regular lip balm every night before you go to sleep after cleaning your face. Doing this regularly will help you get that smooth, hydrated, and crack-free lips all day. Your lips will be ready for…..well whatever you want.

Whether you need to fill your eyebrow or conceal dark spots, these were some basic male makeup products that guys should keep in their hands. If you want to know more, we have some more to help you out in your make up journey. explore best-selling Benny Hancock makeup here.